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The history of handmade gloves is Mazzoleni Gloves

It was the late 1950s. The economic boom of the decade had brought unprecedented technology to Italian homes and austere fashion gave way to pin-up-inspired bon ton looks. Seizing the enthusiasm of this collective resurgence, a young craftsman decided to take a chance. After years spent beside Dante Trussardi, the famous designer’s grandfather, Valentino Mazzoleni opened his own glove factory.

Designers and fashion maisons took notice of the youth’s talent and skill, and decided to entrust him with the production of couture gloves. 
Faithful interpreters of the creativity and professionalism of the founder of Mazzoleni Gloves, son Luigi and grandson Valentino create collections of handmade gloves that astound the world for their quality and refinement.

The history of handmade gloves is Mazzoleni Gloves

True art accepts no compromises. The Mazzoleni Glove Factory is proud to have never given in to the temptation to lower, even minimally, its standard of quality in the name of increased production, “because that which can be made by hand must not be made by machine”. Each product reflects this philosophy, expressing its intrinsic meaning: it is the artist’s touch that makes each work unique. Nothing ever comes into being by chance, especially art. When we speak of the creations of the Mazzoleni glove factory, this is exactly what we mean: from selecting the finest leathers and cashmere and the deep understanding of how to treat them to the extreme care taken in the production methods, each Mazzoleni glove is the product of a unique creative process and is always enhanced by the craftsman’s personal touch. This makes each product a unique piece, a true expression of elegance and class

Time is the first artisan

With Mazzoleni Gloves, craftsmanship reaches its pinnacle, because production is based on handcrafting. Each pair of gloves is still made according to the canons of the most authentic standards of Italian-made products. There is no mass production, because the gloves are crafted individually, scissors are used for cutting and sewing machines are operated manually. The craftsmen work with sartorial precision and day after day apply their experience with passion. Making a glove is time-consuming, but this is the only way each pair can maintain its beauty unchanged over the years.

Using only scissors and gauges, the swatches are cut, from which the various pieces are obtained, including the thumbs and fingers.

Shaping and sizing
A pattern serves to guide the definition of the cut, to obtain the desired size.

The different pieces are sewn by hand, including the entire contour of the glove and where the thumb joins the glove. The items are polished and ironed.

Packaging and finishing
Each pair of gloves is carefully packaged, but above all checked for quality, so that our Italian-made gloves may reveal their personality through details.

Gloves made in Italy

Since 1958, Mazzoleni Gloves has been producing Made in Italy gloves that are much more than an ordinary accessory to wear. Every single glove is the result of an outstanding artisanal production, which does not respond to the logic of mass production but places the utmost importance on the search for perfection. The hands of our expert craftsmen work with raw materials of the highest quality, transforming them into handmade gloves of extraordinary beauty. Wearing them gives you a feeling of extreme comfort and unrivalled practicality, which last intact over time. The passing of time in fact does not detract from their elegance; it only makes them more fascinating. Whether for driving, gala evening or as a cherished companion for everyday use, a pair of handmade gloves brings that priceless touch of finesse represented by the style of the person wearing them.

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