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Hand Made In Italy

Hand Made in Bergamo – Bergamo and its people, with its great artisanal tradition, industriousness and the values that distinguish it, has always been our main source of inspiration in the creative as well as production processes. Since 1958, Mazzoleni Gloves has been producing Made in Italy gloves that are much more than an ordinary accessory to wear. Every single glove is the result of outstanding craftsmanship, which does not respond to the logic of mass production but places the utmost importance on the search for perfection. The hands of our expert artisans work with raw materials of the highest quality, transforming them into handmade gloves of extraordinary beauty. Wearing them gives you a feeling of extreme comfort and unrivalled practicality which last intact over time. The passing of time in fact does not detract from their elegance; it only makes them more fascinating. Whether for driving, a gala evening or as a cherished companion for everyday use, a pair of handmade gloves brings that priceless touch of finesse represented by the style of the person wearing them.

Mazzoleni Private Label

A business division dedicated to supporting brands and designers in the exciting journey of designing and producing their leather glove line. We are not just a company but also an artisanal workshop capable of interpreting and passionately assisting brands and their creative teams throughout the entire process of product development and realization. We provide a wide range of expertise, spanning from prototyping to industrialization, from artisanal craftsmanship to product management. Our dedication is aimed at transforming every vision into a tangible masterpiece, celebrating art and beauty in every detail.

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